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Quality Products at a Competitive Price

Sunrise Commodities is proud to be one of the leading importers of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and snack products in the United States. While the United States and Canada constitute the majority of our sales, our focus on growing our international presence is paying huge dividends. Our customers are manufactures, distributors, bakeries, food service companies, catalog companies, and internet product distributors including major manufacturers and smaller operations that offer mail order to large companies.

Sunrise Commodities goes above and beyond to help our buyers succeed in a highly competitive landscape. We offer sterilization, packaging, roasting, and custom ingredient shipments. Because we understand how vital our role is in the distribution chain, we source from many manufacturers for a consistent supply. Our customers can rest easy knowing they will have their product when they need it.

At Sunrise Commodities, our customer service sets us apart from our competition. What makes our customer service unique? Here are a few things you can expect when you choose to work with us:

  • Personalized advice on market conditions and buying recommendations
  • Commitment to always fulfill our end of the contract
  • A sales rep dedicated to your account
  • Prompt delivery
  • Quality assurance guaranteed

The sales rep that is assigned to your account will be someone with expertise in the commodity you are purchasing. Whether you are a large distributor with global operations or a small manufacturer with local roots, Sunrise Commodities should be your trusted source for your most important products.

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